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Overall statistics

The current database contains 5585 accessions physically represented by 5136 individuals maintained by 42 institutes from 17 countries.

Country, institute Number of accessions
BEL Belgium 485
BEL014 National Botanical Garden of Belgium 23
BEL019 Centre Wallon de Recherches Agronomiques - Rue de Liroux, Gembloux 93
BEL020 Centre Wallon de Recherches Agronomiques - Chaussee de Charleroi, Gembloux 369
CZE Czech Republic 328
CZE031 Research and Breeding Institute of Pomology 328
DEU Germany 338
DEU451 Julius Kühn-Institut, Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants 338
ESP Spain 121
ESP007 Department of Pomology, Experimental Station of Aula Dei 62
ESP110 Unidad de Fruticultura, Goberno de Aragón 59
FRA France 168
FRA057 French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), Fruit Research Station of Bordeaux 168
GBR United Kingdom 825
GBR012 Horticultural Research International, East Malling 464
GBR030 National Fruit Collections, University of Reading 361
GRC Greece 30
GRC012 Pomology Institute of Naoussa 30
HUN Hungary 209
HUN021 Research Institute for Fruit Growing and Ornamentals 209
ISR Israel 49
ISR008 Newe Ya'ar Research Center, Agricultural Research Organization 49
ITA Italy 1151
ITA001 Istituto Sperimentale per la Frutticoltura, Roma 607
ITA020 Istituto Sperimentale per la Frutticoltura - Sezione di Caserta 37
ITA027 Istituto di Fruttiviticoltura. Università Cattolica di Piacenza 19
ITA032 Istituto di Fisiologia, Maturazione e Conservazione Frutto delle Specie Arboree mediterranee 28
ITA045 Istituto Sperimentale per la Frutticoltura, SOP di Trento 97
ITA052 Dipartimento di Colture Arboree, Università di Bologna 31
ITA061 Dipartimento di Colture Arboree, Università di Palermo 4
ITA076 Istituto di Coltivazioni Arboree, Università di Torino 87
ITA216 Istituto di Agronomia Generale e Coltivazioni Erbacee 9
ITA228 Istituto per la Valorizzazione del Legno e delle Specie Arboree 93
ITA322 Dipartimento Scienze delle Produzioni Vegetali Università di Bari 38
ITA332 Università La Sapienza 4
ITA352 Dip. Biotecnologie Agrarie e Ambientali Università di Ancona 9
ITA380 CRA-Unitá di Ricerca per la Frutticoltura 88
LVA Latvia 64
LVA015 Latvia State Institute of Fruit-Growing 64
POL Poland 123
POL029 Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture 123
PRT Portugal 24
PRT072 Regional Agricultural Office of Trás-os-Montes, Experimental Station of Mirandela 24
ROU Romania 103
ROM009 Fruit Growing Research Institute Maracineni-Arges 101
ROM016 Fruit Growing Research Station Valcea 2
SVK Slovakia 43
SVK010 Research Institute of Fruit and Decorative Trees 21
SVK012 Herbaton s.r.o. 22
TUR Turkey 203
TUR001 Plant Genetic Resources Department, Aegean Agricultural Research Institute 203
UKR Ukraine 1321
UKR027 Zakarpats'kyi Institute of Agroindustrial Production 6
UKR028 Institute of Horticulture 27
UKR030 Artemivs'k Experimental Station 337
UKR032 Institute of Irrigated Horticulture 157
UKR034 Mliyiv Institute of Horticulture (n.a. Symyrenko) 65
UKR036 Nikitskyi Botanical Gardens 375
UKR046 Crimean Pomological Station 354
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