Accession group : Perdrigon

Passport data

Accession name Perdrigon
Accession number 41
Accession name Perdrigon
Country of the holding institute BEL
Genus Prunus
Species 22 P. domestica
Collecting date of sample 1979-01-01
Country of origin BEL
Acquisition source 20 Farm or cultivated habitat
Type of storage 20 Field collection
Crop type 6 P. domestica, P. insititia, P. domestica x P. insititia
Hybrid No
Protection status No
Fruit use 1 scion cultivar - dessert including distilling
Plant use 5 dual or multipurpose use
Virus status (obsolete since 2011) 3 not tested
Identification of material without using a standard method (obsolete since 2011) 2 probable

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