The European Prunus Database was originally established at the Nordic Gene Bank in 1983 and then maintained by the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) at Bordeaux, under the initiative of the European Crop Programme for Genetic Resources (ECPGR) Networks since 1994.

The database contains data of European collections of all Prunus species, cultivated stone fruits and their related species as well as the wild ones. The EPDB portal provides access to 5 distinct databases providing passport, characterisation, and evaluation data.
AlmondApricotCherryPeachPlum Passport data consist of a list of passport descriptors defined by the ECPGR Prunus working group (WG), plus the EURISCO descriptors, derived from the FAO-IPGRI Multi Crop Passport Descriptors.

Phenotypic data consist of characterisation and evaluation descriptors defined by the ECPGR Prunus WG and pictures of trees, fruits, flowers and leaves.

Molecular data consist of descriptors describing both molecular markers (i.e. SSR primer sequences) and genotypes (i.e. in general 2 allele sizes for diploid species).
To access to the database, click on one of the petal, or click on one of the following links: Almond / Apricot / Cherry / Peach / Plum
These five databases were developed thanks to the ECPGR funds and the AGRI GEN RES "European Small Berries genetic resources" action 036 (GenBerry) allocated funds. The GenBerry Database was used as a model.
Acknowledgements: thanks to all partners, members of the ECPGR Prunus Working Group, that had contributed to get passport and characterization data.
Last update: March 2012