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Overall statistics

The current database contains 992 accessions physically represented by 1203 individuals maintained by 8 institutes from 7 countries.

Country, institute Number of accessions
DEU Germany 96
DEU451 Julius Kühn-Institut, Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants 96
ESP Spain 417
ESP138 Junta de Andalucía. IFAPA Centro Churriana, Málaga 417
FRA France 160
FRA207 Création Variétale Fraises Fruits Rouges 160
ITA Italy 104
ITA380 CRA-Unitá di Ricerca per la Frutticoltura 86
ITA410 Faculty of Agriculture. Marche Polytechnic University 18
LTU Lithuania 64
LTU006 Institute of Horticulture, Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry 64
POL Poland 97
POL029 Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture 97
ROU Romania 54
ROM009 Fruit Growing Research Institute Maracineni-Arges 54
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