Passport data

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Accession name PAROS
Accession code ESP138-0254
Accession number 254
Accession name PAROS
Original accession name Paros
Country of the holding institute ESP
Genus Fragaria
Species 19 Fragaria x ananassa
Species authority Duchesne
Common crop name Strawberry
Ancestral data Onebor x Irvine
Ancestral data of the mother Marmolada
Ancestral data of the father Irvine
Status of sample 500 Advanced/improved cultivar
City of origin ITA
Country of breeding ITA
Year of release 1998
Protection (Yes or No) Yes
Acquisition date 19/04/99
Acquisition source 40 Institute, Experimental station, Research organization, Genebank
Type of storage 30 In vitro collection (Slow growth)

Individual data

Cultivation system 1 protected pot
Number of plants used for evaluation 3

Individual data

Phenotypic data

2009 Number of years
Year of observation 2009 1

Molecular data

No data available.