Passport data

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Accession name HAPIL
Accession code FRA207-5064
Accession number 5064
Accession name HAPIL
Original accession name Hapil
Country of the holding institute FRA
Genus Fragaria
Species 19 Fragaria x ananassa
Species authority Duch.
Common crop name Strawberry
Ancestral data Gorella x Souvenir de Charles Machiroux
Ancestral data of the mother Gorella
Ancestral data of the father Souvenir de Charles Machiroux
Status of sample 412 Hybrid
Country of origin (breeding country) BEL
Country of breeding BEL
Year of release 1966
Protection (Yes or No) No
Acquisition source 40 Institute, Experimental station, Research organization, Genebank
Type of storage 99 Other (elaborate in REMARKS field)
Remarks STORAGE: 99=cool storage (-2°C)

Individual data

Cultivation system 4 open filed soil
Year of plantation 2009
Date of plantation 2009-09-15
Number of plants used for evaluation 10
Disease status 2 not tested

Individual data

Phenotypic data

2010 Number of years
Year of observation 0

Molecular data

No data available.