Vendor to nmrML Converter

  • This online converter is based on the the Java tool nmrMLcreate (see Github nmrML) and allows you to convert bruker, jeol or varian vendor raw formats (1D NMR) into the standardized nmrML format. Amongs many avantages, nmrML files 1) are readable by a variety of open source processing tools, 2) can serve to generate an ISA metadata backbone file automatically, 3) can be validated with the semantic validator and not the least, 4) are annotated by a standardized terminology (nmrCV), avoiding semantic ambiguity. See Schober et al (2017), doi:10.1021/acs.analchem.7b02795.

  • Using this converter:
    • Multiple nmr fid files should be packed into the same ZIP archive. For Bruker and Varian, each nmr fid file must have its own directory within the ZIP archive, along with the acquitisition parameter file. For Jeol, each nmr fid data along with the acquitisition parameter have to be embedded within a JDF format file within the ZIP archive..
    • To test, and get familiar with the expected zip folder structure, you can download a zip file that contains eleven fid spectra from Bruker