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Copyright inra © 2012. Publication director: José QUERO-GARCIA       Development of the site and Graphic design:JL RENOUX

Budapest 03-05/03/2014

03-05.03.2014: WG1: Use of molecular markers for diversity studies

This meeting was held at Budapest, Hungary and was organized by Dr. Joseph Spak. The meeting took place at Danubius Hotel Flamenco on the 3rd  and 4th March and at Corvinus University, Faculty of Horticulture, on the 5th March.

See details of the meeting ‘Program’ and ‘Minutes’



M. Laimer – Functional genomics in cherries (.PDF)

G. López-Ortega – Introduction to the use of molecular genotyping techniques (.PDF)

E. Skipper et al. – Linkage map development using the cherry6k whole genome genotyping array and the identification of a novel locus controlling flesh colour (.PDF)

S. Ercisli – Molecular studies on cherries in Turkey so far (.PDF)

J. Halász – Genetic fingerprinting of Hungarian sour cherry cultivars (.PDF)

G. Lacis – Characterisation of Latvia cherry genetic resources by application of molecular markers (.PDF)

L. Gustavsson – Genetic diversity in Swedish cherry collections estimated with SSR markers (.PDF)

T. Barreneche – Genetic diversity studies in sweet cherry (.PDF)

H. Xuan – Identification of sweet (Prunus avium) and sour cherry (Prunus cerasus) cultivars using the SSRs as proposed by the ECPGR (.PDF)

G. Barac – Genotypic and phenotypic diversity in cherry species collected in Serbia (.PDF)

M. Kajkut – Using molecular markers for germplasm identification in Bosnia and Herzegovina (.PDF)

E. Schüller – Comparing results of phenotypic characterization and genetic fingerprints for traditional sweet cherry varieties (.PDF)

A. Vokurka – Case studies about authenticiy of planting material in nurseries (.PDF)

H. Flachowsky – German National Fruit Genebank (.PDF)

D. Giovannini – Prioritise the characterisation of the most promising genetic resources for breeders: progress of the task (.PDF)

L. Abrankó – Genistein isoflavone glycoconjugates in sour cherry cultivars (Prunus cerasus L.) (.PDF)

G. Ficzek – The role of sour cherry fruits on the bacterial flora of human saliva (.PDF)



Z. Békefi et al. – SSR marker analysis of cultivated and wild sweet cherry genotypes originated from different geographical places (.PDF)

E. Kiss and A. Veres – Microsatellite fingerprinting of sweet and sour cherry varieties in Hungary (.PDF)