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 COST 1104

Projet européen 2012-2016 .

Copyright inra © 2012. Publication director: José QUERO-GARCIA       Development of the site and Graphic design:JL RENOUX

Plovdiv 26-27/05/2014

28-29.05.2014: WG1-WG3: Phenotyping protocols for tolerance to cherry pests and diseases and other important agronomic traits

This meeting was held at Plovdiv, Bulgaria and was organized by Dr. Petya Gercheva. The meeting took place at ‘Famous Hotel’, Plovdiv.

See details of the meeting ‘Program’ and ‘Minutes


J. Quero-Garcia – Welcome, status of the Action, last events (.PDF)

M. Schuster – Studies on cherry leaf spot at Dresden-Pillnitz (.PDF)

D. Feldmane – Field evaluation of cherry leaf spot for sour cherry cultivars in Latvia (.PDF)

B. Tanovic – Monilinia fruticola - potential threat for sweet and sour cherry production in Serbia  (.PDF)

H. Ozaktan – Screening for the suceptibility of some sweet cherry cultivars to bacterial canker using immature fruitlet test (.PDF)

M. Kaluzna Bacterial canker and methods of susceptibility testing (.PDF)

J. Pulawska Crown gall: why is it difficult to breed resistant rootstocks (.PDF)

J. Sedlak Methods and results of virus sanitation in Czech Republic (.PDF)

S. Milusheva Viruses of sweet cherry cultivars and elites in Plovdiv region of Bulgaria (.PDF)

A. Vokurka Prospects of organic production of cherries in Croatia (.PDF)

M. Ruinelli Diagnostic and epidemiological tools for cherry pathogenic bacteria based on genomics and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry (.PDF)

J. Borve Diseases on sweet cherry trees- results from a survey in young orchards in Norway  (.PDF)

M. Jensen Aspects of freezing tolerance in sour cherry (.PDF)

J. Quero-Garcia – Screening of sweet cherry hybrids for rain-induced cracking tolerance (.PDF)

S. Malchev Sweet cherry breeding program in Fruitgrowing Institute - Plovdiv (.PDF)

P. Gercheva In vitro methods in breeding programs of Fruitgrowing Institute - Plovdiv (.PDF)

V. Bozhkowa Welcome to the Fruitgrowing institute – Plovdiv

K. Koumanov Intensive sweet cherry production: research objectives and approaches at the Fruitgrowing Institute - Plovdiv (.PDF)


S. Budan Breeding sour cherry for leaf spot resistance (.PDF)

M. Getaz Strategies to develop effective, innovative and practical approaches to protect major European fruit crops from pests and pathogens (.PDF)

S. Szügyi Breeding and evaluation of Hungarian bred Monilia laxa resistant sour cherry genotypes (.PDF)

T. Sotiropoulos Results of a 3-year trial using plastic covers against fruit cracking of sweet cherries in Greece (.PDF)

M. Hulin Comparing methods to screen sweet cherry cultivars for susceptibility to bacterial canker (.PDF)