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 COST 1104

Projet européen 2012-2016 .

Copyright inra © 2012. Publication director: José QUERO-GARCIA       Development of the site and Graphic design:JL RENOUX

Bordeaux 13-15/10/2014

13-15.10.2014: 4th Management Committee and all Working Groups meeting, Bordeaux, France

This meeting was organized by José Quero Garcia from INRA, in Bordeaux (see details of the Agenda). He was assisted by numerous collaborators, but in particular we would like to mention Dominique Calvi, Chantal Mounier, Guillaume Lalanne-Tisné, Alain Girard, Romain Baillou and Ghislaine Hilbert. All the members of A3C (‘Adaptation du Cerisier au Changement Climatique’) team were also particularly active. We sincerely thank them and everyone else who has contributed to running the conference. The meeting was organized in the Hotel Ibis Meriadeck and we thank the personnel from this Hotel for their kindness. An important support was given by Region Aquitaine. Thanks to all.

During the first day, after a welcome message and a presentation of the status of the Action by the Chair, general presentations were made in the morning. In the afternoon, participants were split into different working group (WG) break-out sessions. Since many colleagues were interested simultaneously by activities conducted within WG1 and 2, both WG sessions were merged.

During the second day, in the morning, WG break-out sessions were continued and were mostly devoted to scientific presentations. By the end of the morning, all WG met together in order to share their conclusions. In the afternoon, the Management Committee meeting was held (see MC Minutes). During the evening, a guided visit of the old Bordeaux center was organized, before sharing the gala dinner in the Café Opéra.

On day 3, a field trip was organized with different visits:

First, all participants met at the INRA site of La Grande Ferrade, in Villenave d’Ornon. On behalf of Hubert de Rochambeau, president of INRA-Bordeaux and of Thierry Candresse, Director of BFP (‘Biologie et Pathologie du Fruit’) Unit, Christian Chevalier, Vice-Director of BFP, made two oral presentations. Subsequently, the research team A3C, which is integrated into BFP Unit, was presented by its leader, Elisabeth Dirlewanger. These presentations were made within the main Amphitheater of INRA-Bordeaux. This was followed by a quick visit of the experimental devices (greenhouses and tunnels) of A3C team.

The group was then conducted to the Sauternais Region, at 40 kms from Bordeaux. A quick visit of the ‘Maison du Sauternais’ allowed participants to taste this prestigious ‘liquoreux’ wine, and to understand the main features of its production, before lunch. The INRA Fruit Tree Experimental Unit was then visited. We were kindly welcomed by the Unit’s Director, Marie-Laure Greil, and the INRA technical staff working on the cherry orchards.

Finally, the INRA Wine Experimental Unit of Couhins was visited and allowed participants to taste INRA white and red wines of the famous appellation ‘Pessac-Léognan’. These ‘degustation’ was leaded by Romain Baillou.

The meeting was very successful, in particular in terms of scientific planning. There were 72 delegates attending from 28 different countries. Over the three-day meeting there were 27 oral presentations and 46 posters





José Quero García – Status of the Action, plan action and summary (.PDF)

Amy Iezzoni – Markers assisted breeding in cherry: Where are we now and what is on the horizon? (.PDF)

Gregory Lang – Intensive Orchard Systems for High Quality, High Efficiency Sweet Cherry Production (.PDF)

Bénédicte Quilot-Turion – Overview of INRA researches on peach brown rot first results, current works and prospects (.PDF)

Manfred Büchele – Proposal for questionnaire about the evaluation of European cherry market (.PDF)

Monika Höfer – Overview about the descriptor questionnaire of the COST partners (.PDF)

Moritz Knoche – There is (almost) no turgor in mature sweet cherries (.PDF)

Karoly Hrotkó – Development in intensive cherry orchard systems in Hungary and China (.PDF)

George Manganaris – Employment of the state-of-the art technologies towards to metabolomic approaches in sweet cherry postharvest performance (.PDF)

Slawomir Lux – Impacts of the cherry-market trends on Rhagoletis cerasi on farm-behaviour and IPM (.PDF)

Sergiu Budan – The natural susceptibility and artificially induced cracking of sour cherry cultivars (.PDF)

Sezai Ercisli – Diversity studies on cherry germplasm in Turkey (.PDF)

Raquel Sánchez-Pérez – Safeguarding Cherry and Almond production under Climate Stress (.PDF)

Elzbieta Rozpara – The growth and yielding of four sweet cherry cultivars grafted on dwarf rootstocks and interstocks, in central part of Poland (.PDF)

Mekjell Meland – Evaluation of novel French sweet cherry cultivars in a Nordic climate (.PDF)

Anna Poniatowska – Inter- and intraspecific diversity of Monilinia spp. causing brown rot of sour and sweet cherry fruits in Poland (.PDF)

Monika Michalecka – Bitter rot of cherries in Poland – genetic diversity of its causal agent Colletotrichum acutatum (.PDF)

Monika Kaluzna – MALDI-TOF MS diversity analysis of Pseudomonas syringae associated with cherry bacterial canker in Poland (.PDF)

Joanna Pulawska – Crown gall and the diversity and detection of its causal agent (.PDF)

Michela Ruinelli – Genomic Investigation of Cherry Pathogenic Pseudomonas syringae Pathovars (.PDF)

Nikos Papadopoulos – Obligatory and facultative diapause responses in Rhagoletis cerasi and associated costs  (.PDF)

Mario Njavro – Economics of cherry production in the EU- a comparative analysis (.PDF)

Ana Cristina Agulheiro-Santos – Training school held at Evora, Portugal: Sensory evaluation (.PDF)

Nikos Papadopoulos – Training school held at Volos, Greece: Managing cherry pests in space and time (.PDF)

Manfred Büchele – Summary of knowledge and technology transfer activities (.PDF)

José Quero-García – Lessons, ideas from last APC Meeting (.PDF)



Andreas Spornberger – Suitability of old and new sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) cultivars for organic production – results of a long term trial in Eastern Austria (.PDF)

Natalia Valasevich – The occurrence of cherry viruses in Belarus (.PDF)

Natalia Valasevich – Preliminary results of the development of a PCR-based marker linked to resistance to cherry leaf spot (Blumeriella jaapii [Rehm] Arx.) (.PDF)

Tim Belien – Distribution and seasonal occurrence of Drosophila suzukii (Diptera: Drosophilidae) in Belgium 2011-2014 and field evaluation of two trap designs (.PDF)

Gordana Djuric – Formation of lateral buds on the shoot and initiation of generative differentiation in sweet cherry (.PDF)

Miljan Cvetkovic – Cooperation as a basis for improvements in the production of cherries (.PDF)

Miljan Cvetkovic – COST action as the initiator of inter-institute collaboration in research and dissemination of lessons learned (.PDF)

Miljan Cvetkovic – Algorithm of differentiation of sweet cherries male and female gametophyte (.PDF)

Kouman Koumanov – Sweet cherry fruit quality under fertigation (.PDF)

Svetoslav Malchev – Survey of Cherry Consumer Preferences –Preliminary Results from Bulgaria and Hungary (.PDF)

Ales Vokurka – Basic pomometric analysis of 'Creska' sweet cherry (.PDF)

Josef Spak – Identification of viruses infecting cherry and sour cherry in the Czech Republic (.PDF)

Frantisek Paprstein – Collecting missions for sweet cherry on territory of the Czech Republic (.PDF)

Martin Jensen – Future of sour cherry – from bulk market to a diversity supported innovative product market (.PDF)

Irina Ionescu – The molecular mechanisms to break flower bud dormancy in fruit trees (.PDF)

Benoit Dufay – Evaluation of an agro-ecologic system for cherry orchard (.PDF)

Gérard Charlot – Furtos : a new semi dwarfing rootstock for sweet cherry (.PDF)

Viktor Gjamovski – Behaviour of some introduced cherry varieties in R. of Macedonia grafted on Gisela 5 (.PDF)

Michael Blanke – Large scale chilling experiment with potted sweet cherry trees at Bonn (.PDF)

Ildikó Balla – Embryo rescue of early ripening Prunus spp. (.PDF)

Geza Bujdosó – Growth, yield and fruit size of some new bred precocious sweet cherry cultivars on Hungarian bred Mahaleb rootst (.PDF)

Haya Friedman – Pitting induction in cherries: development of an experimental system to study pitting in cherries (.PDF)

Daniela Giovannini – In vitro preservation of traditional sweet cherry varieties of Emilia-Romagna region, Italy (.PDF)

Marino Palasciano – Evaluation of Sweet Cherry Cultivars inside the ‘List of Recommended Fruits Varieties’ Project (.PDF)

Gabriella Sonnante – Characterization of traditional sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) cultivars from south-eastern Italy (.PDF)

Francesco Marra – Evaluation of the phenotypical variation of the Calabrian sweet cherry germplasm (.PDF)

Gunars Lacis – SSR marker based fingerprinting of Latvian sour cherry (Prunus cerasus L.) genetic resources (.PDF)

Silvija Ruisa – Sweet cherry breeding in Latvia (.PDF)

Ana Cristina Agulheiro-Santos – Relation between external color and nutritional value of different ripening stages of ‘Sweetheart’ sweet cherry (.PDF)

Goran Barac – Molecular Characterization of cherry germplasm in rootstock breeding program (.PDF)

Vladislav Ognjanov – Effect of embryo development of in vitro germination of early ripening varieties in sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) (.PDF)

Milica Fotiric Aksic – Antioxidant and polyphenolic profile of fruit wine made from Oblačinska sour cherry (.PDF)

Milica Fotiric Aksic – Chemical profile of different Oblacinska sour cherry (Prunus cerasus L.) clones (.PDF)

Milica Fotiric Aksic – Researches on the reproductive biology of the Oblacinska sour cherry clones (.PDF)

Brankica Tanovic – First report of Monilinia fructicola on sweet cherry in Serbia (.PDF)

Daniela Benediková – Detection and characterisation of little cherry virus-1 in local Slovak cherry germplasm (.PDF)

Nikita Fajt - Alpe Adria trial – Sweet cherry Regina on three dwarf rootstocks and different plant distances (.PDF)

Margarita López-Corrales – Phenotypic diversity of fruit quality traits in progenies obtained from sweet cherry breeding program in Jerte Valley (Spain) (.PDF)

Diego Frutos – Burning on leaves in a Regina x Lapins sweet cherry progeny (.PDF)

Gregorio López-Ortega – Sweet cherry cultivar evaluation in the Region of Murcia (Spain) (.PDF)

Federico García-Montiel – Chilling Requirements of Sweet Cherry (Prunus avium L.) Cultivars Grown in Murcia Region (Southeast Spain) (.PDF)

Ana Wünsch – Other self-compatible sweet cherries varieties from Spain (.PDF)

Hilde Nybom – Cherry breeding and production in Sweden (.PDF)

Joël Pothier – MALDI-TOF MS for microorganism identification: from pattern recognition towards marker based approaches –The example of plant pathogenic Pseudomonas isolates (.PDF)

Hatize Ozaktan – Preliminary studies on biological control of bacterial canker of sweet cherry caused by Pseudomonas syringae pv. Syringae by beneficial bacteria (.PDF)

Felicidad Fernández-Fernández – Optimisation of in vitro techniques to maximise seed germination in sweet cherry (Prunus avium) breeding at EMR (.PDF)