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Copyright inra © 2012. Publication director: José QUERO-GARCIA       Development of the site and Graphic design:JL RENOUX

Trebinje 10-11/02/2015

10-11.02.2015: WG2: Rootstocks and training systems

This meeting was held at Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and was organized by Dr. Miljan Cvetkovic. The meeting took place at the Faculty of Agriculture and the Genetic Resources Institute of the University of Banja Luka.

During this meeting, Florin Stanica, former President of EUFRIN, made a presentation on this European Fruit Research Institutes Network.

See details of the meeting: ‘Program’, ‘Abstract Book’ and ‘Minutes



J. Vercammen – Experiences with different cherry rootstocks in Belgium (.PDF)

S. Pinczon du Sel – New dwarfing and semi-dwarfing rootstocks tested in France (.PDF)

M. Sitarek – The 25 years history and overview of Polish clonal sweet cherry rootstocks experiments (.PDF)

M. Meland – Performance of the sweet cherry cultivar ‘Lapins’ on 27 rootstocks in a Northern climate (.PDF)

G. Bujdoso – Preliminary results of some early ripening sweet cherry cultivars on some Hungarian bred Mahaleb rootstocks (.PDF)

N. Fajt – Cherry rootstock trials in Slovenia (.PDF)

A. Vokurka – Review of cherry rootstock research in Croatia (.PDF)

D. Frutos – Sweet cherry rootstocks for Region of Murcia (.PDF)

S. Ercisli – Cherry rootstock trials in Turkey: a journey from generative to vegetative rootstocks (.PDF)

D. Feldmane – Preliminary results of propagation of several cherry rootstocks by green cuttings (.PDF)

T. Arsov – Oblancisnka sour cherry as potential dwarfing rootstocks for sweet cherry (.PDF)

V. Gjamovski – Comparative investigations of Oblacinska sour cherry on own root and grafted on Mahaleb (.PDF)

V. Ognjanov – Effect of training system, planting density and rootstock on intensive cherry production (.PDF)

K. Hrotko – Optimization of light interception in high density sweet cherry orchard (.PDF)

E. Isuf – Fruit quality depending on the ratio of leaf to fruit with cherry rootstock Gisela5 (.PDF)
F. Stanica – Parallel trident planting system and the behaviour of cherry orchards (.PDF)

J. Vercammen – Training systems of sweet cherries in Belgium (.PDF)

G. Charlot – New training systems to improve the profitability of cherry orchards (.PDF)

M. Kiprijanovski – Some experiences at the Oblacinska sour cherry grown training (.PDF)