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 COST 1104

Projet européen 2012-2016 .

Copyright inra © 2012. Publication director: José QUERO-GARCIA       Development of the site and Graphic design:JL RENOUX


Agenda of the COST FA1104 ‘Sustainable production of high-quality cherries for the European market’ Meeting : ‘WG1 : APPLICATION OF GENOMIC APPROACHES TO BREEDING CHERRIES’

Meeting held jointly with the Sixth Rosaceaous Genomics Conference (RGC6)

San Michele d’all Adige (Trento), 1th OCTOBER 2012


The meeting will be held from 15:00 till 19:00. It will divided into three parts:

1) Oral presentations (15 minutes followed by 5 minutes of discussion) of invited speakers working on Rosaceaous crops other than cherry

 - Apple: David Chagné – Plant and Food Resarch (New Zealand)

- Apricot: Jean-Marc Audergon – INRA Avignon (France)

- Peach: Pere Arús – IRTA (Spain)

2) Oral presentations (5 to 10 minutes, with or without visual support) of the cherry participants

3) Global discussion about the objectives and activities conducted within the COST Action in the field of genomics and its links with breeding programmes


COST Participants:

Austria: Elisabeth Schüller (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna)

France: José Quero García, Elisabeth Dirlewanger, Loïck Le Dantec, José Antonio Campoy Corbalán, Sophie Castède (INRA, Bordeaux)

Germany: Mirko Schuster (Julius Kühn-Institut (JKI), Dresden), Haibo Xuan (Kompetenzzentrum Obstbau-Bodensee (KOB), Ravensburg)

Hungary: Attila Hegedus (Corvinus University, Budapest)

Italy: Annalisa Marchese (University of Palermo, Palermo), Daniela Giovannini (Consiglio per la Ricerca e Sperimentazione in Agricoltura (CRA), Forlí)

Poland: Malgorzata Korbin (Research Institute of Pomology & Floriculture, Skierniewice)

Slovenia: Anton Ivancic (University of Maribor, Maribor)

Spain: Angel Fernández i Martí (PCTAD, Zaragoza), Gregorio Lopez-Ortega (IMIDA, Murcia)

Sweden: Hilde Nybom (SLU, Kristianstad)

Romania: Sergiu Budan (Research Institute for Fruit Growing, Pitesti)

United Kingdom : Felicidad Fernández  (East Malling Research, Kent)


NON-COST Participants (cherry scientists):

Chile : Hermán Silva (Universidad de Chile, Santiago)

USA : Amy Iezzoni (Michigan State University, East Lansing)


01.10.2012: WG1: Application of genomic approaches to breeding cherries, San Michele d’all Adige, Trento, Italy

This meeting was held jointly with the Sixth Roseaceous Genomics Conference (RGC6). Special thanks are due to local RGC6 organisers and in particular to Dan Sargeant, from IASMA.

Participation was limited to 10 COST members but any interested researcher present at RGC6 was invited to attend the meeting.



Agenda of the Meeting

Trento 01/10/2012