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Copyright inra © 2012. Publication director: José QUERO-GARCIA       Development of the site and Graphic design:JL RENOUX


20.11.2012: Executive Committee meeting, Palermo, Italy

This meeting was held at hotel POLITEAMA and unfortunately a very limited number of members from the Executive Committee attended the meeting: Francesco Paolo Marra, Sergiu Budan, Gregorio Lopez-Ortega, Slawomir Lux and José Quero Garcia. It was a first occasion for several members of the Executive Committee to meet. The largest part of the meeting was devoted to end up the organization of the Management Committee meeting which was held a day later in Palermo. No Minutes were produced after this meeting.

21.11-23.11.2012: 1st Working Group and 2nd Management Committee meeting, Palermo, Italy     

This meeting was organized by Francesco Paolo Marra from “Dipartimento DEMETRA”, University of Palermo (see details of the Agenda .PDF). He was assisted by numerous collaborators, but in particular we would like to mention Annalisa Marchese, Silvia Fretto Giulia Marino and Francesca Costa. We sincerely thank them and everyone else who has contributed to running the conference. We are very thankful to the University of Palermo to invite us the first day to the beautiful ‘Sala delle Capriate’, in the Palazzo Chiaramonte Steri. We were welcomed by the Rector of University Prof. Roberto La Galla and Ettore Barone, Director of the DEMETRA Department. During this first day, general presentations were made in the morning and the Management Committee meeting was held during the afternoon (see MC Minutes and pdf presentation).

On the second day, the different working groups (WG) had break-out sessions during the morning in different meeting rooms within the Faculty of Agriculture. Short presentations were followed by discussions dealing with the priorities to be defined for each Task within each WG. During the afternoon, a general session was organized in the Aula Magna, in which each WG leader made a summary of the main conclusions from each session (see Minutes for WG1, WG2, WG3, WG4). We are very thankful to the Faculty authorities to let us a large space for the Posters lay-out.

The meeting was a great success with over 61 delegates attending from 26 different countries and overall 40 people attended one or several meetings. Over the three-day meeting there were 31 oral presentations and 31 poster presentations.

On day 3, a field trip was organized with three main visits:

- the research center BES (Bio-Evoluzione Sicilia) in Santa Margherita di Belice. We thank Prof. Baldo Portolano and Dott. Sardina for their kind welcome and very interesting presentations.

- “Feudo Arancio” winery followed by wine testing. Special thanks are due to Dr. Letizia Russo for hospitality and the very interesting guided tour of this high quality winery

- Olive industry, Castelvetrano. We are thankful to Proff. Tiziano Caruso and Lucio Gristina for their explanations in the field, concerning olive agronomic problems, as well as very interesting agronomic materials.



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Palermo 21-23/11/2012
Day 1 and Day 2