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Copyright inra © 2012. Publication director: José QUERO-GARCIA       Development of the site and Graphic design:JL RENOUX

Zurich 26-27/03/2013

26.03-27.03.2013: WG3: Advances and prospects on monitoring and modeling of Drosophila suzukii in Europe, Wädenswil, Switzerland

This meeting was held at Agroscope Research Institute Changins-Wädenswil ACW and was organized by Jörg Samietz and Patrik Kehrli. See details of the meeting in the ‘Book of abstracts.

We were extremely sad to learn that two weeks later, Jörg Samietz, who was as well leader of the WG3 of this Action, passed away.


In memoriam

Dr Jörg Samietz
5 December 1969 – 11 April 2013


Dr Jörg Samietz was Head of the Zoology Research Group at Agroscope Research Institut. In his capacity as an entomologist he set up and managed national and international projects concerned with, for example, the forecasting and monitoring of pest infestation in orchards and the effects of climate change on agricultural pests. His tremendous professional and personal commitment to the company will be remembered. We will mourn his death and miss him as an enthusiastic and competent scientist and a helpful friend and colleague.

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to his family and wish them strength and faith to get through this painful time.


Agroscope Research Institute Changins-Wädenswil ACW

On behalf of the management and all the staff

 Jean-Philippe Mayor, Director of ACW



1. Adriana Escudero: Distribution and the population dynamics of D. suzukii in the NE of Spain (Catalonia) and the material to use in monitoring (.PDF)

2. Patrik Kehrli: The Swiss approach to combat D. Suzukii (.PDF)

3. Stefan Kuske: Drosophila suzukii: Local infestation patterns and monitoring around Wädenswil (.PDF)

4. Claire Weydert: Situation of D. suzukii in France and observations on its behavior in orchards (.PDF)

5. Christiane Fassotte: First records of D. suzukii in southern Belgium (Wallonia) by trapping in fruit crops (.PDF)

6. Herman Helsen: Situation of D. suzukii in the Netherlands (.PDF)

7. Kirsten Koeppler: Spatial distribution of D. suzukii in fruit orchards (.PDF)

8. Urs Gasser: Biological attractants and insect traps (.PDF)

9. Heidrun Vogt: Experience with D. suzukii in Germany in 2012 (.PDF)

10. Teun Dekker: Sensory correlates of Drosophila suzukii- Soft spot for fresh fruit (.PDF)

11. Alessandro Cini: Development of monitoring and GIS systems to assess distribution and diffusion of Drosophila suzukii (.PDF)

12. Nikolas Papadopoulos: Early detection of invasive pest: the problem of rare event detection (.PDF)

13. Slawomir Lux: Stochastic model of on-farm behaviour of the Cherry fruit fly, R. cerasi, under the challenge of IPM (.PDF)