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Copyright inra © 2012. Publication director: José QUERO-GARCIA       Development of the site and Graphic design:JL RENOUX

Pitesti 15-17/10/2013

15.10-17.10.2013: 3rd Management Committee and all Working Groups meeting, Pitesti, Romania

This meeting was organized by Sergiu Budan from the Research Institute for Fruit Growing, in Pitesti (see details of the Agenda). He was assisted by numerous collaborators, but in particular we would like to mention Madalina Butac, Madalina Militaru, Dorin Sumedrea and Mirela Calinescu. We sincerely thank them and everyone else who has contributed to running the conference. The meeting was organized in the Hotel Victoria and we thank the personnel from this Hotel for their kindness. An important support was given by the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Bucharest and MBC Travel agency, Pitesti. Thanks to all.

We were welcomed by organizer and Mihail Coman, Director of the Research Institute for Fruit Growing, Pitesti.

During this first day, general presentations were made in the morning. In the afternoon, participants were split into different working group (WG) break-out sessions. Since many colleagues were interested simultaneously by activities conducted within WG1 and 2, both WG sessions were merged.

During the second day, in the morning, WG break-out sessions were continued (see Minutes for WG1-2, WG3, WG4). In the afternoon, the Management Committee meeting was hold (see MC Minutes).

On day 3, a field trip was organized with two main visits:

The Research Institute for Fruit Growing in Pitesti. We were kindly welcomed by the Institute’s Director, Mihail Coman, who introduced us to all the staff. After a presentation of the main scientific activities, and a poster session, a field visit of the different cherry orchards and collections, as well as the in vitro culture, greenhouse facilities and virology laboratory was organized.

The Dracula Castle at Bran, which we visited under rainy and fresh conditions, hence creating a very appropriate atmosphere.

The meeting was very successful, in particular in terms of scientific planning. There were 45 delegates attending from 22 different countries, along with more than ten Romanian researchers. Over the three-day meeting there were 19 oral presentations and more than 20 posters.



José Quero Garcia – Status of the Action, plan action and summary (.PDF)

Eduardo Gratacos – Technical and productive aspects of Cherry production in Chile (.PDF)

Gérard Charlot – Rootstock sensitivity to waterlogging (.PDF)

Géza Bujdosó – Prunus mahaleb rootstock trial (.PDF)

Sezai Ercisli – Cherry genetic resources of Turkey (.PDF)

Ana Cristina Santos – Improve quality to increase consumption (.PDF)

Manuel Serradilla – Physicochemical, sensorial and bioactive properties of sweet cherry cultivars grown in Iberian Peninsula (Jerte Valley) (.PDF)

Brion Duffy –DROPSA: Strategies to develop effective, innovative and practical approaches to protect major European fruit crops from pest and pathogens (.PDF)

Nikos Papadopoulos – Biology and management of the European cherry fruit fly (.PDF)

Hatice Ozaktan – The diagnosis and copper sensitivity to Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae isolates from sweet cherry in Turkey (.PDF)

Mario Njvaro – WG4 Farm Economics (.PDF)

Manfred Büchele – Views to European cherry market (.PDF)

Florin Stanica – EUFRIN: European Fruit Research Institutes Network – Description and Mission (.PDF)

Emil Chitu – Climatic changes in Romania and their impact in sweet cherry orchards (.PDF)

Elisabeth Schüller – Genetic fingerprinting of old Austrian cherry cultivars (.PDF)

Mirko Schuster – Resistance breeding in cherries – goals and results (.PDF)

George Manganaris – V Postharvest Unlimited – ISHS International Conference 10-13 June 2014 – Cyprus (.PDF)

Mihail Coman – Research Institue for Fruit Growing, Pitesti, Romania (.PDF)

Sergiu Budan – Romanian cherries breeding programme (.PDF)




Α. Evangelidou et al. - Quality characteristics of sweet cherry cultivars following harvest and cold storage: a comparative study  (.PDF)

Svetoslav Malchev and Jose Quero-Garcia - Cherry Consumer Preferences (.PDF)

Gelu Corneanu et al. - Results of sweet cherry breeding obtained at Research Station for Fruit Growing Iasi-Romania (.PDF)

J. Sehic and H. Nybom- DNA Marker Screenings in Fruit Tree Gene Banks (.PDF)

Monika Kałużna and Joanna Pulawska- Phylogenetic position and characteristics of the new group of Pseudomonas spp. causing bacterial canker on cherry (.PDF)

Mirko Schuster et al. - New sour cherry cultivars from Dresden-Pillnitz (.PDF)

Mirko Schuster and Christine Grafe - Results of sweet cherry breeding at Dresden-Pillnitz (.PDF)

Monika Michalecka and Joanna Pulawska - Characterization of genetic diversity in Colletotrichum maculatum strains isolated from sour and sweet cherries in Poland  (.PDF)

Jef Vercammen and Gomand - Planting Systems of Sweet Cherries in Belgium  (.PDF)

Jef Vercammenet al. - Testing of Sweet Cherry Varieties in Belgium (.PDF)

E. S. Skipper et al. - Phenotypical and Pomological Evaluation of the Variation Present in a Sweet Cherry Mapping Population (.PDF)

A. Marchese et al.- Assessment of the genetic diversity and structure of local Italian sweet cherry cultivars based on SSR markers and the S-locus (.PDF)

Argir Zhivondov et al. - Breeding programme for creating new sweet cherry cultivars in Bulgaria (.PDF)

Michela Ruinelli et al. - Diagnostic and Epidemiological Tools for Cherry Pathogenic Bacteria (.PDF)

Belien T. et al. - Integrated control of the European cherry fruit fly Rhagoletis cerasi in Belgian commercial cherry orchards (.PDF)

Ognjanov V. et al. - Cherry rootstock and scion cultivar breeding and development of intensive cultivation technology (.PDF)

Inga Moročko-Bičevska et al. - Cherry canker and dieback caused by pathogenic fungi and bacteria (.PDF)

Ales Vokurka et al. - Genetic authenticity of cherry planting material – the current state in some nurseries as a risk factor for production (.PDF)

Sara Pinczon du Sel – Varietal sensitivities in post-harvest (.PDF)

A.M. Cachi and A. Wünsch - Genetic diversity and self-incompatibility studies in sweet cherry (.PDF)