EcoFun team
Water relations and Ecosystem Functioning

Joana Sauze - PhD candidate

Joana got her BsC in Geosciences from Orléans University (under the supervision of Pascale Gautret and Frédéric Delarue). Joana has started her PhD in November 2013. Her projet is to characterise the environmental and ecological drivers of carbonic anhydrase activity from different soils across the world and the consequences on the soil-atmosphere exchanges of OCS and CO18O, two complementary tracers of the global carbon cycle.

Phone: +33(0)55712-2431
Elsa Martineau - PhD candidate

Elsa got her BsC in Agronomy and Ecology at the university of Bordeaux (under the supervision of Lionel Jourdan-Meille). Since September 2013, she has started her PhD project with us on the role played by potassium and magnesium availability on the adaptation to drought of Zea Mays crops.

Phone: +33(0)55735-0758
Regina Hirl - PhD candidate

Regina has started a PhD at the Technical University in Munich (under the supervision of Prof. Hans Schnyder and Jérôme Ogée). Her research focuses on the mechanistic understanding of the drivers for the oxygen and carbon stable isotope composition of water pools and leaf cellulose in temperate grasslands. As part of this work, she is doing regular visits to our lab to learn and apply the isotope-enabled ecosystem model MuSICA to different grassland sites.

Phone: +49(0)816171-3308
Andres Plaza-Aguilar - PhD candidate

Andres got his MSc in Ecology at the University of Bordeaux on the hydraulic resistance of maritime pine branches (under the supervision Sylvain Delzon). He is currently a PhD candidate at the university of Cambridge (under the supervision of Howard Griffiths and Lisa Wingate), Using a highly original approach to integrate seasonal phenology, carbon balance, xylem growth, sap flow and cavitation repair, his aims are to assess how the availability of carbohydrates is affected by seasonal events and the significance of this for hydraulic conductance (xylem function) and primary production in temperate trees.

Phone: +44(0)1223-764736
Elise Potier - PhD candidate

Elise got her BSc in GeoSciences at the University of Toulouse (under the supervision of Eric Ceschia). She is currently a PhD candidate at the university of Jussieu-Paris (under the supervision of Benjamin Loubet and Jerome Ogée). Her work focuses on the modelling of ozone deposition on vegetated canopies, and particularly on the role of dry and wet cuticules and canopy structure on the deposition velocities.

Phone: +33(0)13081-5529