Brand New Cost Action on Climate Smart Forestry funded by the EU

A brand new COST Action called CLIMO focussed on Climate smart Forestry in Mountain Regions has been successfully funded by the EU.

The aim of CLIMO will be to apply the concept of Climate-Smart Agriculture to forestry.


Three main pillars will be considered within this Cost Action:

to improve livelihood of mountain inhabitants by sustainably increasing forest ecosystem services (ES);

to enhance the adaptation and resilience of mountain forests to climate change and;

to optimise the climate change mitigation potential of mountain forests, focusing on the most efficient and cost-effective mitigation options and capitalising on adaptation-mitigation synergies.

The main objective is to define Climate Smart Forestry (CSF) in the European context, which will require the identification of key silvicultural characteristics and the harmonisation of CSF in mountain areas to create a common knowledge at the European level.

The “smartness” of European forests will be defined according to the sustainability of forest management and mitigation potential.

The ““smartness”” will be further defined on the basis of measurable criteria and a checklist of parameters of “smartness” for mountain forests will be proposed.

Experimental forest sites with available data to quantify the “smartness” of mountain forests will be identified to build a European Smart Forest Network (ESFONET). A feasibility study for the development of a cyber-technology network that is able to transfer data quickly from monitoring sites to stakeholders will be developed. Innovative schemes of payment for Ecosystem Services will be further developed to shift the objective of mountain forest management from the production of timber to the production of Ecosystem Services.

For more information please contact one of the french management committee members:

Lisa Wingate or Marta Benito

Brand New Cost Action on Climate Smart Forestry funded by the EU
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