Leaf ecophysiology lab

Our team has also developed systems to connect self-made or commercial leaf cuvettes to a suite of trace gas analysers including CO2 and water vapour stable isotope analysers. The system allows also us to perfectly control the CO2 and water vapour stable isotope composition of the inlet airstream, as well as its OCS mixing ratio. The system will be used as part of several on-going projects including the ANR project ORCA, the ERC project SOLCA and the Bordeaux Idex postdoctoral fellowship USIFLUX.

licor← Commercial Licor leaf cuvette system to measure leaf gas exchange fluxes. Our in-house set-up allows us to measure not only the water and CO2 fluxes but also their isotopic composition during leaf transpiration, respiration and photosynthesis. Self-made leaf cuvettes, with magnetically-coupled fans, are also being built to allow the future measurement of leaf OCS uptake.

Our lab is also equipped with climate-controlled chambers that allow plants to be kept in perfectly controlled environments prior to being measured in the cuvette. ↓


Our team also has access to a set of on-campus glasshouses run by the institute that can be used to nurse plants from germination to saplings in a temperature-controlled environment. Automated irrigation systems can also be deployed in order to control different water supply treatments. ↓