The EcoFun team gathers staff from the French research institute for agronomy and the natural environment INRA (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique) and the Bordeaux forestry and agronomy engineering school BSA (Bordeaux Sciences Agro). The EcoFun team is one of the 5 teams composing the INRA-BSA ISPA unit, and is currently composed of 9 permanent staff and >10 non-permanent staff or visitors.

Name Position Tel Email
Alexandre Bosc Research engineer +33 55712-2763
Klara Bouwen PhD candidate +33 55712-2440
Régis Burlett PhD candidate (part-time while research engineer at Univ. Bordeaux) +33 55712-2451
Marie Charru Associate professor +33 55735-8623
Nicolas Devert Research assistant engineer +33 55712-2451
Jean-Christophe Domec Professor +33 55627-1903
Sabrina Dubois Research technician +33 55712-2451
Thomas Guzman PhD candidate +33 55712-2596
Jérôme Ogée Senior scientist (team leader) +33 55712-2422
Valérie Savornin Team administrator +33 55712-2700
Tom Taborski PhD candidate +33 55712-2432
Lisa Wingate Senior scientist (ERC COSMYCA team leader) +33 55712-2431

Former members

Name Position then Next position after
Paula Martin-Gomez Bordeaux Idex fellow Research scientist, CTSC Spain
Koen hufkens Marie Curie fellow Research associate, ETH Zurich
Camille Delvigne Visiting FNR fellow Assistant professor, U Louvain
Regina Hirl PhD candidate Biology and Physics teacher
Adria Barbeta Margarit Bordeaux Idex fellow (2017-2019) Research fellow, Univ. Barcelona
Tania Fort PhD candidate (2016-2019) Research scientist in private sector
Yann Cochet Master student (2015) then PhD candidate (2016-2019) Elementary school teacher
Nicolas Cornette Master student (2018) PhD student at Univ. Tours
Laura Clavé Master student (2017, 2018) River watershed manager
Clément Foucault Master student (2019) PhD student at Univ. of Göttingen
Bastien Fréjaville Lab technician (2017-2019) Musician
Elisabeth Kearsley Visiting FNR Fellow (2017-2018) FNR Fellow
Ludovic Lacombe Master student (2018) PhD student at Univ. Bordeaux
Teresa Gimeno Marie Curie fellow (2015-2018) Research scientist at B3C, Bilbao
Evert van Scheik Research engineer (2018-2020) Research engineer at INRAE GENOSOL Platform
Steve Wohl Research engineer (2014-2018) Research scientist at B3C, Bilbao
Samuel Jones Postdoc fellow (2014-2018) Postdoc fellow MPI, Jena
Aurore Kaisermann Postdoc fellow (2015-2018) Auto-entrepreneur
Thomas Launois Postdoc fellow (2014-2017)  Data scientist at Qucit
Joana Sauze PhD candidate (2014-2017) Research engineer at Ecotron, Montpelier
Masako Dannoura Visiting professor (2015, 2018) Back to Kyoto University
Retno Novvitasari Hery Daryono Master student (2017)  Research staff at Univ. of JawaTimur, Indonesia
Elise Likiliki Master student (2017)
Grace (Eun Hea) Jho Visiting professor (2016) Assistant Professor at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Andres Plaza-Aguilar PhD candidate (2016) Post-doctoral fellow at Univ. of Chile
Elsa Martineau PhD candidate (2016)
Noelia Fernádez Lab engineer (2016) PhD canditate at University Rey Juan Carlos (Spain)
Ana-María Gutiérrez Lab technician (2016)
Jason West Visiting professor from Univ. of Texas (2015-2016)  Back to Texas AM
Thomas Sajus 2nd-year undergrad student (2016) MSc student at Ecole des Arts et Métiers (Paris)
Natalia Diez- Iglesias Master student (graduated in 2016)
Noelia Saavedra Master student (2015), then lab engineer PhD candidate at Univ. of Umeä
Juliette Maire Master student (2015) PhD candidate at Univ. of Edinburgh
Callum Tyler Visiting undergraduate student from Queensland University of Technology (2015) MSc student at Univ. of Edinburgh
Elise Potier PhD candidate (2014) Post-doctoral fellow at LSCE
Laura Gangi Visiting PhD candidate from the Jülich research center (2014)
Heather Plumpton Master student (2014) PhD candidate at Univ. of Reading
Lydia Gentsch Postdoctoral fellow (2013-2014) Post-doctoral fellow at Univ. of Göttingen