Jean-Pierre Wigneron

wigneron_JP_mediumJean-Pierre Wigneron received his Master degree from ENSAE School (SupAéro) and his PhD from the University of Toulouse. He joined INRA Avignon in 1990 and then INRA Bordeaux in 2000 were he was Head of the remote sensing lab. His main interest is in the use of passive and active microwave remote sensing to monitor the carbon and water cycles of forest areas at national/continental scales. He developed pioneering work in the simultaneous retrievals of soil moisture and vegetation biomass from passive microwave remote sensing observations and developed the L-MEB model, a forward model of operational algorithms for the SMOS satellite mission from ESA (European Space Agency).

He coordinated the development of several microwave vegetation indices VOD (vegetation optical depth) from several satellite missions (SMOS, ASCAT, AMSRE/2, SMAP) which are now recognised as major tools in monitoring forest carbon stocks at continental scales.

He is Associate Editor of Remote Sensing of Environment, Fellow IEEE, member of the scientific committee of THEIA (National Remote Sensing Data Center, France).

Nominated Highly Cited Researchers 2021 (Clarivate), his publication list is available here.