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Noelia Saavedra • Research engineer

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Noelia joined the EcoFun research team as a research engineer within the EU project SOLCA in January 2016. She is in charge of the preparation, calibration and analysis of the dD, d17O and d18O composition of liquid water samples extracted from biological and geological material. For this we have developed a high-throughput cryogenic distillation line to trap biological waters in the laboratory of Dr. Lisa Wingate and Dr.Jérôme Ogée.

Noelia received her MSc. in Biodiversity Characterization and Conservation Techniques in The University Rey Juan Carlos (URJC), Madrid, Spain. She did a MSc. Research stage at the UMR ISPA (Plant-Atmosphere interactions) at the National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA-Bordeaux, France). Thesis title: “How does leaf ontogeny affect the coupling of photosynthesis and transpiration on different life forms under increasing levels of water stress? “.Supervisors: Dr.Teresa E. Gimeno and Dr. Lisa Wingate.

Previously, she did a BSc. Research stage at the Dryland Ecology and Global Change Lab of Dr. Fernando T. Maestre, Department of Biology and Geology, URJC (Madrid, Spain).Thesis title: “Effects of climate change on the phenology of different plant functional types” Supervisors: Fernando T. Maestre, Dr. Enrique Valencia and Dr. Marcos Méndez.

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I am interested in understanding how ecosystems function, and how they respond to ongoing global environmental changes. I enjoyed studying semiarid ecosystem, especially in relation with phenological responses to increased temperatures in the lab of Fernando T. Maestre. After that, I got into the ecophysiology, water use efficiency and stomatal regulation with T. E. Gimeno and L. Wingate. I am currently interested in soil-atmosphere gas exchange and in using the stable isotopes of CO2 & water.